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June 7, 2011

Orbitz IDEAS Video: Teyo Tyree on Model Driven Management with Puppet

posted by @martinjlogan

Teyo Tyree one of the founders of Puppet Labs talks to the about model driven configuration management with Puppet. I was really impressed by Teyo and the whole puppet team to be honest and really appreciate their rigorous sysadmin culture. They seem to be very focused on the practical issues at hand and less interested in keeping up with the latest marketing buzzword of the day.

Teyo Tyree on: Model Driven Management with Puppet from Orbitz IDEAS on Vimeo.

During this video you will learn how puppet works and what drives its architecture. You will get an understanding of how the model driven approach factors into Puppet. You will also learn how to leverage this in extending Puppet configuration management and integrating it with other systems.