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July 9, 2011

Deployment Automation with glu

This video features Yan Pujante speaking at Chicago DevOps on the deployment automation tool he invented, subsequently opensourced, and now manages named glu. It is garnering significant interest within the DevOps mind space. The talk was quite good, got some great reviews by those that attended the meeting, and features a live demo which showcases a lot of the power glu brings to the table. Read below for more description on glu itself.

One thing we would like to mention is that this video was made possible by Carl Karsten. He is a professional that does a ton of work for the python community and other technical orgs. If you really liked the video and want to support the filming of it, and the filming of other DevOps related you may but are certainly under no obligation to donate here at the pledgie page for the video

glu is an open source deployment automation platform. glu was originally created at LinkedIn and has been successfully used for orchestrating the deployment and management of the complex LinkedIn infrastructure for over a year. Since its open source release, glu has been gaining a lot of traction in the devops community. In this tech talk, you will learn from the author of glu, about the novel approach taken by glu to solve the deployment problem (state delta computation, ZooKeeper, REST, etc…). You will also be able to understand why glu is more than a tool but an actual platform on top of which you can customize and/or build your own deployment infrastructure. The talk will also feature a live demo of glu!

Quick update 7/11/2011 – slides available here: