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October 13, 2012

QCon SF 2012, a DevOps field guide

by @mattokeefe

QCon SF 2012 logo

I am very excited to be attending QCon SF for the first time Nov 7-9. There is quite a bit of DevOps related content, and I will be live-blogging as much as possible. Meanwhile, here are some notes on what you might look forward to as an attendee.

Monday 11/5

Tutorial: Continuous Delivery – Jez Humble
Jez wrote the book on Continuous Delivery, which ties Agile and DevOps together into a pipeline of goodness. I saw him present at Camp DevOps last year, and it was awesome.

Tuesday 11/6

Tutorial: Implementing a Continuous Delivery Pipeline: From Commit to Deploy – John Esser & Dan Gilmer
More Continuous Delivery goodness.

Wednesday 11/7

Opening Keynote: Cool & Useless – Kevlin Henney
When I think of DevOps, I often think of addressing concerns around availability, reliability, and performance. There are so many variables with each solution to a given technology problem that it is wise to limit your toolkit just so you can get a handle on these concerns. So, I hope that this talk addresses the “cool & harmful” aspect as well in the sense that the more things you try, the more you get burned in production.

The realtime web: HTML5 WebSockets, Engine.IO, Socket.IO, SPDY, HTTP2.0 & BeyondGuillermo Rauch
The realtime web promises a great leap forward in terms of UX. However I wonder how many Ops teams are prepared for some of these new standards and the impacts on infrastructure. For example, SPDY support is not yet provided in some infrastructure layers.

AppWatch – a big data application monitoring system for eBay – Bhaven Avalani and Yuri Finklestein
Large scale application and infrastructure monitoring… enough said.

How not to measure latencyGil Tene
Measure Everything is a core tenet of DevOps. I always thought measuring latency was as simple as a pair of well-placed calls to System.currentTimeMillis (in Java), but this session’s agenda suggests otherwise. Gil will demonstrate and discuss some false assumptions and measurement techniques that lead to incorrect results.

Continuous Happiness – Chris Kelly
This talk should help to drive home the point that DevOps is a cultural movement, not a specific set of tools and processes.

Caching Hypermedia APIs – Tim Stokes
Caching is one of the best ways to improve performance and scalability. However it is easy to get it wrong so I am always trying to learn more about this topic.

Thursday 11/8 featuring an entire Continuous Delivery track

Keynote: NoSQL: Past, Present, FutureEric Brewer
Eric Brewer authored the CAP Theorem, which is frequently referenced in discussions of design decisions related to NoSQL databases.

Changing Culture & Being a Force for AwesomeJesse Robbins, Master of Disaster
Jesse is the cofounder of Opscode, the company behind Chef. He will be talking about hacking culture.

Open Space: Continuous Delivery
An unconference session, where we decide the discussion topics.

Product Development with Continuous ExperimentationFrank Harris and Nell Thomas
Etsy is a pioneer of continuous deployment, and this talk will be about how they take advantage of data to drive that process.

Large-Scale Continuous Testing in the CloudJohn Penix
John will talk about how Google runs millions of automated tests per day, using Cloud infrastructure.

Release Engineering at FacebookChuck Rossi
Chuck, Facebook’s first release engineer, will describe how they release hundreds of changes every day.

Adopting Continuous DeliveryJez Humble
Jez will address the organizational, architectural and process factors that are important for adoption of Continuous Delivery.

Friday 11/9 featuring the “Architectures you’ve always wondered about” track

Keynote: Race Conditions, Distribution, Interactions–Testing the Hard Stuff and Staying SaneJohn Hughes
This talk will be about new automated testing techniques for the most tricky test scenarios.

Scaling Pinterest – Marty Weiner and Yashwanth Nelapati
A Cloud Ninja and a Cloud Balrog will discuss server management on EC2, amongst other things.

Cloud Computing at GoogleRandy Shoup
Randy will present design principles for building and maintaining highly-available planet-scale applications in the cloud, including isolation, failure tolerance, testability, and security.

Architecting for Continuous Delivery at – John Esser and Russell Barnett
This talk will describe how a service-oriented architecture can support Continuous Delivery.

Uncommon Sense – Scaling Youtube – Mike Solomon
Mike, one of the original YouTube engineers, will outline his philosophy on scaling, testing, and writing code.

Timelines at ScaleRaffi Krikorian
Raffi, who likes to break things at Twitter, will talk about building, managing, and debugging an infrastructure that supports hundreds of millions of users around the world.

San Francisco
photo: Håkan Dahlström

Besides the conference, I’m really looking forward to being in San Francisco. So many great restaurants, so little time!