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July 13, 2012

Puppet Camps Whirlwind Tour

This is a guest post by @stahnma, Community Manager at Puppet Labs

Puppet Camp

Puppet Labs is winding down the whirlwind tour of Puppet Camps for the first half 2012. Prior to 2012, the most camps we had ever done in a year was two. This year, we’ve had 12 already, with roughly 100 people at each of them. The last one of this leg is in the Windy City, Chicago, IL.

Puppet Camps have evolved from the main annual get-together for the Puppet faithful to regional events with hundreds of people at each. We’ve had amazing talks on scaling puppet, puppet in the cloud, launched PuppetDB, discussed roadmaps, and of course debated practices surrounding operations in countless ways.

At Boston camp last month, we had talks on Cloud usage with Puppet, cross-host configuration modelling prototypes, hiring in a DevOps world, using Puppet with Jenkins to deploy large developer workloads and a bunch of hallway time to answer questions. Of course there were some after-hours activities as well.

Chicago is proving no different. In this case, we have some interesting things happening. I’ll be there to give a ‘lay of the land’ talk about what’s happening inside Puppet Labs from a development perspective and what the community has been excited and concerned about. When I talk, I’m a ‘no question off limits’ kind of speaker, so the talks sometimes take a left turn here and there, but I tend to enjoy that.

Giving his first presentation at a Puppet Camp this year, is Ryan Coleman, our newest Product Owner at Puppet Labs. He’s in charge of the product and experience with Puppet Modules and our Forge. Ryan has a long road ahead of him for improvement, but is filled with passion and ideas. You may get to have real impact on the direction in this space just spending 5 minutes with him. Ryan came to this role from Professional Services where he worked with customers on Puppet installation, taught classes and wrote educational materials.

As we head into PuppetConf (our big conference Sep 27&28 in SFO), you might get some preview material at the Chicago Puppet Camp. We look forward to seeing you there!