Guest Posting Guidelines accepts guest posts. A post on is a powerful way to share expertise with the community at large. The following are guidelines to be used when submitting a guest post to us. maintains a high standard for all of its posts. Our primary aim is to get the word out about DevOps and educate the community at large. Posts must be informational and generally useful/applicable and interesting to those working in the operations, engineering and management of engineering and operations disciplines. We do not accept promotional content. Case studies about how your company accomplished X and how other companies could use what you learned and the products you may have used to accomplish X are acceptable. These articles however must be written with the clear intent provide generally useful and unbiased information over promoting a product. It is fine to promote authors and affiliations corporate or otherwise in the credits for a post but posts themselves that are promotional or generally geared toward sales will be rejected.

Posts must be original material; does not do reposts. Posts should be 500 to ~1000 words. We have had posts go over. This is fine if the content is good. Much past 1500 the post needs to be broken up into a parts. Posts should be sent in with at least 1 picture to liven the post and serve as a banner for it.

To submit a guest post send the post as an attachement to

Happy writing,
The DevOps Team


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