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August 29, 2011

Announcement: Camp DevOps 2011 Conference in Chicago

Camp DevOps Conference Chicago Logo

Camp DevOps ( is a hands on DevOps tech focused conference taking place in Chicago on the 22nd and 23rd of October. DevOps owes a lot to the Agile movement, no one would deny it. Agile however is less about technology and much more about process. As a result there is a lot out there on the process and cultural underpinnings of DevOps but markedly less about the technology that is indisputably a large part of what DevOps is. Camp DevOps focuses much of its attention to that technology – but does not ignore process either. This conference is aimed at everyone costing $100 per head for the early bird discounted ticket. The text below is from

Get fully up to speed on all things DevOps tech. Take a look at our speakers list if you want to see who is going to be teaching you. Hosted at ITA in downtown Chicago, the Camp DevOps Conference is a hands on! Our sessions are all 2 hours+ to get you deep into each topic. We are technically focused event centered around on leaving atendees with the knowledge they need to pioneer DevOps in their own organizations. This conference is focused at managers, ops personnel and developers looking to take building and operating software to a more efficient place.